If Chick was not annoying

In PW’s otherwise favorable review of Fox + Chick, the author questions the two friends’ relationship: “The root of their friendship remains an enigma—why does Fox tolerate such an annoying friend?” I’m happy to rethink the three stories making Chick not annoying:

– The Party (to be renamed The Bathroom)
Fox is at home, reading a book. Chick arrives and asks if he can use Fox’s bathroom. Fox says yes. Chick uses the bathroom and then leaves.

– Good Soup
Fox is picking vegetables to make soup. Chick follows Fox around. Fox makes soup for both of them. They eat the soup.

– The Portrait (to be renamed The Landscape)
Fox is on a hill to paint a landscape. Chick arrives and admires Fox’s talent. When the painting is done, they walk together down the hill.

To see the original version of the stories, you can get the book at your local bookseller or on Indiebound.


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