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The Fakenham Ghost

The Fakenham Ghost: A True Tale

Taken from [Robert] Bloomfield’s admired Rural Poems

Published by W. Darton, 58 Holborn Hill, [London], [1813]


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On one of the blank pages between the text I found the name and date of birth of a presumed previous owner:



And some of her scribbles:



Jane and Eliza

Many years ago, visiting the Rare Books Collection at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., I came upon this chapbook for children. I immediately fell in love with it and its crude, fascinating woodcuts. I knew I wanted to own my copy, but how can you find another copy of a flimsy little children’s book from 1840? Well, a bunch of years later, by chance, I did. And the book is as good as I remembered.



Jane and Eliza


Printed for the Publisher



Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

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The History of Giles Gingerbread: A Little Boy who lived upon learning.

By Tom Trip.

Decorated with Cuts.

York: Printed by J. Kendrew, Colliergate.